Queensland Police POLAIR Helicopter Crews wearing TechNiche Elite Hybrid Cooling Vests

Written By Leanne Walsh - December 18 2016

Australia's Curtis McGrath wins Gold at Rio Paralympics and wears Techniche ANZ Hybrid Cooling Vest to enhance performance and recovery.

Written By Leanne Walsh - September 28 2016

Field Test showing the amazing cooling effect of our Hyperkewl Fabric inside a sports cap

Written By Leanne Walsh - September 28 2016

Australian Olympic K4 Rowing Team use our TechNiche ANZ cooling vests to enhance performance and reduce fatigue!

Written By Leanne Walsh - July 28 2016

World Champin Cyclist Colin Lynch uses our Kewlfit Performance Cooliing Vest throughout the year to reduce fatigue and enhance performance.

Written By Leanne Walsh - April 13 2016